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Since the signs of foundation defects can be evident all over buildings, we will begin your foundation repair by assessing possible problems in your entire structure, not just in the basement. As seasoned professionals familiar with the red flags of structural concerns, we know precisely what types of clues to look for. We service Trenton NJ and surrounding locations.

Foundation Repair Trenton NJ

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When dealing with a wet basement or cellar, it’s common for the water to enter the structure through foundation cracks. No amount of waterproofing will ever completely keep the water out if that is what is taking place at your residence or place of business. With tried-and-true foundation repair services from Basement Medics, LLC, you can seal off water entry points and reinforce structural weak points to stop foundation deterioration and possibly even complete building collapse.
We’ve accumulated a sizable portfolio of successful foundation repair service jobs over the course of our more than 30 years in the waterproofing industry. To join the countless pleased property owners who have selected us as their foundation contractor, simply give us a call right now.

Looking For A Foundation Repair Specialist Near Me?

Trenton, NJ and its neighboring areas are served by us. We will start your foundation repair by examining potential issues throughout the structure, not just in the basement, since foundation faults can be seen throughout a property.
We are seasoned experts familiar with structural red signals and know precisely what to look for: Cracks in walls/ceilings, broken drywall nails, Windows that aren’t square windows and doors that stick gaps between the walls, floors, and ceilings, gaps between bricks, doors, and windows, unlevel or sloping floors, foundational wall/floor cracks, Masonry fissures, gaps between the roof and the chimney.

Benefits Of Having Your Foundation Repaired

Foundation cracks and shifting over time are frequently one of those things that just happen as your house or building gets older. Even though some of these cracks might seem tiny and insignificant, if you ignore the problem for too long, you might end up with serious foundation damage.

We can design foundation repair services that will work for you regardless of the state your building is in. Our experts can deal with breaks in almost any type of foundation, including stone, brick, concrete, and cinder block, from simple crack reinforcement to complete wall replacement. Even restoration of historic properties is something we can do. You can be sure that we will take care of your foundation in a thorough, thorough manner because our variety of foundation repair options is designed to address the particular issues with your property!

Foundation Repair Trenton

Foundation Repair/Crack Repair

We employ a variety of tried-and-true methods to restore the structural integrity of your building, and our waterproofing team is committed to staying current with foundation repair advancements.

Foundation Repair on any Structure

No matter the condition of your building, we can design foundation repair services that will work for you. From straightforward crack reinforcement to wall replacement, we are able to address cracks in almost any type of foundation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

On every job, Basement Medics guarantees client satisfaction. In everything we do, including foundation and crack repair, we go above and beyond. For quality, there is no one better than us. Contact us if you have any inquiries!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basement Medics offers premier residential and commercial Foundation Repair services. Our team is local, licensed, and insured to tackle any foundation repair project thrown our way.

Interior wall drywall cracks are typical as your house settles in its foundation. A lack of drywall mud behind the tape could cause thin, straight cracks, especially along a seam, allowing the tape to lift. A water leak is most likely the cause of discolored cracks. A foundation problem or other structural difficulties are most typically indicated by diagonal, massive, or jagged fractures.

While it is technically possible to remodel your home prior to undertaking foundation repair, this is not recommended.
One of the critical components of foundation repair is raising your home’s foundation — a process that may damage plumbing pipes, produce sheetrock cracks, tile cracks, and fractures in brick exteriors.
As such, it is critical to perform any foundation work prior to remodelling your home to minimize the risk of damage – regardless of whether you are undertaking slab foundation repair or pier and beam foundation repair.

Cracks in a foundation are typically repaired in two to three days.
However, if the scope of work is more complicated, the time frame may be extended.

You’ll also have to wait a while to repair any remaining mortar and drywall cracks. nThe length of your wait will be determined by the amount of weight lifted from your home.

Most foundation repairs will require you to wait between four and six weeks for your walls to acclimatize to their new position.

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