Dehumidifier Installation

As crawlspace waterproofing and basement waterproofing specialists for more than three decades, we’re something of an authority on how dehumidifiers operate and providing dehumidifier installation services. We don’t carry anything but the energy-efficient dynamo, the Santa Fe Classic. With its superior upright styling and flow-down design, this exceptional basement dehumidifier blows conventional humidity control units right out of the water. It’s made specifically for basements, where cool and wet conditions tend to persist, and it comes with a host of benefits no other model can match.

Dehumidifier on the floor
Dehumidifier in a bathroom

Dehumidifier Installation​ In New Hope PA

The benefits of a Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier include:

  • High-efficiency ratings that exceed Energy-Star guidelines
  • Large capacity water removal for areas up to 2,500 square feet
  • Low-temperature operation ideal for controlling humidity at ground levels
  • Advanced air filtration capable of collecting particles the size of 1.0 micron
  • Automatic restart for continuous operation after a power outage
  • Optional ducting for out-of-sight placement in a remote location

It’s a basic rule of property ownership: If you have a basement, you need a dehumidifier. But did you know that not all dehumidifiers are up to safeguarding your home’s or business’s basement?

If you keep anything of value in your moisture-prone basement or you use the area as additional living space, then you probably shouldn’t be counting on some run-of-the-mill, basic appliance to dehumidify your basementContact us today to find out about our top-of-the-line, high-capacity Santa Fe dehumidifier installation services.

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier Installation

So don’t depend on a garden variety dehumidifierPrevent basement moisture in your home or business with our Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier installation services. These are the dehumidifiers to relieve your basement water problems once and for all. As part of a total basement waterproofing system or as a stand-alone unit, the Santa Fe Classic basement dehumidifier simply can’t be beaten.

We’re fully licensed and insured in PA and NJ, and cover the area of:

Give us a call today for your free estimate on Santa Fe Classic dehumidifiers, and be sure to ask about our lifetime transferable warranties on basement waterproofing systems. We’re here six days a week for basement dehumidifier sales and installationCall now to learn more about our Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier installation services.

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With our basement waterproofing company, you get real, complete interior and exterior solutions to your water woes, instead of some short-lived, stop-gap measure. So whatever type of crawlspace waterproofing or basement waterproofing work you require in your commercial or residential area’s crawlspace, you’ll be elated by the results of our proven techniques, not just for today but for many years to come. We’re a family-owned business, and we fully understand how critical it is to keep your home or work environment clean and safe. There are a lot of basement waterproofing contractors in NJ and PA, but we’re one of the few that provides crawlspace encapsulation: complete waterproofing of your crawlspace. We’re available six days a week to give you the help you need.

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