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My name is Ed and I quickly wanted to share my story about a flooded basement. This letter is long overdue… part of me also wanted to wait a few months to make sure the basement would stay dry as promised. After many days of heavy rain (and a really, really wet rainy summer) my basement is bone dry!  I had just purchased a house in Newtown and within 2 weeks of moving in the basement flooded! I researched and called a bunch of different companies. My insurance company would pay for the damages (sheetrock, carpet, etc.) but not for the repair/correction of the problem. So this was basically an “out of pocket” expense for me and money was tight. Of course I wanted to save money but also wanted the problem fixed correctly so it wouldn’t happen again. The different companies all basically told me the same thing… I needed a completely new drainage system dug.


Knowing nothing about basement foundations, drainage systems, underground water tables, mold, sump pumps, etc….I have to say that Bob took the time to educate me and made sure I completely understood my options. They didn’t give me the high pressure sales thing. They explained why it is so important to do it correct the first time. Now I see their point. When describing the work they would do…some of the other companies were obviously cutting corners with smaller not as deep trenches, etc. One guy even told me I didn’t have a mold problem even though mold was obviously a problem. Another told me that I didn’t need to remove studs and a wall…”that he can get one of his skinny guys back there….”) that wall needed to be removed and Bob actually found the basement footer to be 9 inches past the wall. That means that the other guy would have only done half the job that basement medics did. After all this rain it probably would have flooded again if I went with the other guy.


Here is the way I see it…..a new drainage system is something you are hopefully only going to do once…you should do it right! You get what you pay for. Their prices were reasonable and the quality of the work was exactly as promised…HIGH QUALITY! The other guy is cheaper for a reason…he is probably cutting corners. Bob was here every day working and ensuring that the crew did everything perfect. They were quick, professional and delivered a dry basement at a fair price. They weren’t the cheapest (not the most expensive either) but I am 100% confident that my basement will never leak again! Thanks Basement Medics!

I will gladly give you a reference, simply just ask Basement Medics for my phone number.
~ Ed from Newtown PA


Hello my name is Bryan and I recently purchased a home that I am doing a complete makeover on.  During my own inspection of the basement I noticed some serious problems with water on the floor and some bowing on the front wall and back wall. (Front wall 2.5” deflection).  As an owner of several commercial properties, I did what I would always do in this type of situation.  I called several contractors to come out and show me how to fix this problem.  After visiting with the first two contractors and not being too confident in their analysis, I decided to call Basement Medics.


The owner of the company, Bob Cunliffe came out to evaluate my basement and what a difference.  Bob’s background as a mason and water proofer  for over 30 years was evident.  His knowledge of masonry construction allowed him to immediately inform me as to what was going on with my foundation.  More importantly he prescribed the exact fix for what ailed my basement.  The French Drain system, or as Bob referred to it as a water management system, was by far the superior set up when it came to keeping my basement dry.  When it comes to supporting the bowed walls, his system of setting up the I-Beams was superior to anyone else. 


Bob was on the job every day with his crew and everything he promised me turned out to be exactly as he said.  Thank you Basement Medics.

~ Bryan G., Barrington, NJ


"From the first call to the final installation it was fabulous. As a retired Police Officer – I truly appreciate the straight forward approach - in layman terms of explaining how to remediate the problem once and for all at a fair price. My experience with Basement Medics was extremely friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable.


What impressed me the most, they didn’t use any high pressure tactics; and were very patient with all my questions. I probably know more about basement waterproofing than I should at this point. (LOL) After everything was completed you couldn't even tell they had been here. What a pleasant experience especially considering how severe the problem in my basement was.


I spoke to several other companies and ….no one compares to Basement Medics. I highly recommend them – excellent job! If any of your customers need to speak to me, tell them to call me. Thanks so much."
~ Ron W. | Mont Holly, NJ


"Hi Bob, Thank you for helping my father with the flooding issue. "After the storms in the fall the water tables were extremely high and our basement was flooding regularly. We called several basement remediation companies and had them inspect our home and give us recommendations and estimates. We chose Basement Medics because they're proposal was superior to the other proposals we had received.


My father and I each have an engineering degree and worked many years as professional engineers. We listened to and examined Basement Medics solution and were impressed by their professionalism and expertise and granted them the project. Basement Medics scheduled and completed the work on time with the highest professionalism and craftsmanship. Since the completion of the work, we have not had an issue with our basement flooding and I highly recommend Basement Medic based on the timeliness and quality of their work."
~ Sam Chen | Princeton Jct, NJ


An acquaintance of ours who finishes basement’s recommended us to call Basement Medics before we started framing our basement. Simple to say, we just bought our home a couple months ago – and the previous homeowners said, the basement never leaked. Well, it did after a heavy rain – so we called several different waterproofing contractors. Our decision to hire Basement Medics was one of the best investments we ever made. Not only did they waterproof our basement, they used a fungicide to clean the walls and then applied antimicrobial coating so mold wouldn’t grow back. From start to finish they were unbelievable! They were the best contractor we ever had working for us! Now we can finally finish our basement! Keep up the good work!"
~ Marc & Kim | Cranbury, NJ


"I built my house 30 years ago and never even thought of installing a French Drain System, who would. Well, our basement was dry for 29 years, until last heavy rain. And then the nightmare arrived. Please keep in mind, my basement is 2000 square feet and fully finished. We had 6 inches of water throughout the entire basement, what a disaster. I didn’t know where to begin. A friend of mine recommended we call Basement Medics, so we did. As painful as the solution sound, Lori and I went forward with the scope of work proposed. Basement Medics did the job exactly as we discussed... and showed up on time. I was amazed to see how organized and efficient they were. Before Basement Medics...our finished basement was a disaster and smelled nasty. I can’t believe we have our basement back again. “Exceptional job Basement Medics”
~ Jack & Lori | Morganville, NJ


"I met with several waterproofing companies over the past 3 months, that where interested in one thing only; closing the deal. My son-in-law, Ron, (a retired Police Officer) recommend I call Basement Medics, since he used them. They gave me a thorough inspection; better yet, a crash course on basement science. What impressed me the most was, the amount of employees that showed up for the installation: plumbers, carpenters, labors, dump trucks. Before the project started they took the extra time to cover my floors with painters’ paper, drop clothes, and even covered all my items in the basement with heavy duty plastic. After the trench was open, Bob noticed that my footer was higher than usual. With their expertise, they designed a custom box ledge to assure adequate backfill of stone and concrete. I couldn’t imagine what would have taken place if they weren’t on the job. Having them on the job made all the difference in the world. The entire crew was incredible. The workmanship exceeded my expectations. My basement looks and smells 100% better. I highly recommend Basement Medics to anyone who has a simple or severe water problem in their basement. “ What an amazing company”
~ Uli H. | Chesterfield, NJ


All I have to say is… AWESOME JOB! As I am composing this letter, it is raining and I am not worried anymore about the basement flooding. For me, it now means I never have to be nervous every time it rains. Thank you so much Basement Medics!"
~ Betty S. | Burlington, NJ


"As a General Contractor I was sure that I had some expertise of installing a pressure relief system (Interior French Drain). After closely comparing all my estimates, from five of the top basement waterproofing companies in the tri-state area; not one compared to Basement Medics. Allow me explain, their “standard” procedures are immeasurable. None of their competitors mentioned fungicides, mold fogging, antimicrobials or inspection ports. Furthermore, their competitors never mentioned how deep or wide they would dig the trench. Basement Medics was very specific as to digging 10 inches wider than the footer and ten inches deep. That’s double the work ethic of most companies. I recognize all companies drill weep holes in block walls. I didn’t foresee Basement Medics drilling all the head joints as well. As a general contractor, I am not easily impressed, however I was blown away when Basement Medics told me the new concrete that would be replaced into trench, would consist of 5000 psi, now that’s very impressive, as well as expensive. Basement Medics truly exceeded my expectations when I examined their concrete finishing work. (it was as smooth as glass) As to the unexpected: they left the project spotless - and power washed my driveway of any residue. All I have to say is – these Guys Are The Real Deal in Basement Waterproofing. Congratulations on a job well done. You will be my go to contractor for all my properties! "
~ Gerry G. | Cinnaminson, NJ


"I had a simple problem, so I thought. My very large custom egress window would leak during heavy rains. Every waterproofing contractor I spoke with wanted to install an interior French Drain to solve the problem. That seemed to draconian for a leaky below grade window! So I decided to hire a masonry contractor to erect a solid concrete retaining wall to redirect the water away from window. Well that didn’t work-out as planned. So I was back to the drawing board. After reviewing Basement Medics web site – and their testimonials, I was willing to listen to their ideas. With a thorough inspection, Bob, the owner, was convinced the he could solve the problem from the exterior, not the interior. I was elated with the idea. I insisted they outline the scope of work proposed. With minimal reconstruction of resizing the egress widow, some minor exterior excavation, 90 ft of engineered drainage system, and a delta membrane, my problem was finally solved. These Guys are Truly the Experts!"
~ Dr. Brett G. | Voorhees, NJ


"I had a real dilemma with my basement after the last heavy rain. My finished basement suffered severe water damage. The wet sheetrock and studs produced a horrible mold epidemic! What a tragedy. I had nowhere to turn, so I call several waterproofing company’s who specialize in mold abatement. To no avail, I couldn’t find a waterproofing contractor who specializes in insurance claims – as my insurance company recommended. Fortunately for me, one of the waterproofing company’s I had interviewed suggested that I call Basement Medics. With their expertise of dealing with insurance scopes and his reputation of satisfied customers; I was confident he could exceed my expectations. I quickly submitted Basement Medics proposal to my insurance company, and without surprise my insurance company approved the work. I can’t thank Basement Medics enough for their unprecedented efforts, superior communication skills – and their trustworthiness to achieve a proactive environment. Beautiful Job Guys! Thanks so much."
~ Tina Y. | Brownsmills, NJ


"As you can imagine, our basement was wet, damp and smelt horrible, as many do.“ So we put Basement Medics to the test" - to fix the seepage problem and get rid of the awful smell. We found that Basement Medics was absolutely incredible! I have never hired a contractor who showed up on time and finish the job without paying for extras. Not to mention that Basement Medics came highly recommended from our Insurance Adjuster. These guys where great!"
~ John K. | Feasterville, PA


"Our insurance adjustor recommended we call Basement Medics – after our basement flooded. We called Basement Medics to look at our concern. And within minutes he realized the problem and explained the solution. I was pleased with the fact that no high-pressure tactics were used like the other companies - and he gave us a written quote on the spot: that included removing all the paneling, hauling the debris, fungiciding, mold fogging, painting the walls with antimicrobial coating and finally installing a Thermal Armor Vapor barrier – in addition to their state of the art drainage system . There were no questions about it – my husband and I were hiring Basement Medics. Allow us to express our appreciation – you guys are fantastic! I can’t believe it only took 2 days! Truly Amazing… what a transformation!"
~ Ed & Terri | Huntington Valley, PA


"Hands down Basement Medics is the “Best. I had a damp, wet, smelly, sick crawlspace – that produced a funky odor, until I hired Basement Medics. Their presentation of crawlspace science made all the difference of assuring me a true solution was insight. First and foremost, I knew I had to stop the water intrusion. However, I was unacquainted with the proper techniques of preventing my crawlspace environment from growing mold again. The inspection included checking the relative humidity, inspecting for mold growth and mycotoxins. Basement Medics proposal was detailed oriented, reasonably priced, and conclusive of achieving all my concerns – especially selling my home in the future. All I have to say is incredible – absolutely incredible. By the way, I spoke with many of their references – and they all agreed, the guys are fantastic."
~ Bill S. | Southampton, PA


"My wife and I are in planning stages to sell our home. On our due diligence list to safeguard the market value of our home, we hired a home inspector to reveal any problems that may be alarming. The inspectors report indicated we had a cove joint seepage problem. He suggested we fix - before we list it. We interview with several local waterproofing companies, only to find out - their main objective was to close the deal that evening. My gut feeling told me to look elsewhere. After a thorough inspection from Bob, at Basement Medics, I felt confident that Basement Medics agenda was to solve my problem, not just take our money. The cost of the repair was fair and reasonable. Their attention to detail was extraordinary. Most important, the quality of their craftsmanship is immeasurable! Sensational Job!"
~ Scott L. | Pendel, PA

"Like most homeowner's, we interviewed with six different waterproofing companies, all proposing the same solution until we met with Basement Medics. Basement Medics came highly recommended for our insurance adjustor. We were amazed with their foundation knowledge and mold remediation techniques, addition too: their certifications and accreditations from “The Basement Health Association” and the NAWSRC. It was comforting to know that Bob was on site the entire time of the project. Having an owner of Basement Medics on the project gave us please of mind – there wouldn’t be any problems or short cuts. Their crew was on time, trustworthy and did an excellent job. I would certainly recommend Basement Medics to all my friends and neighbors."
~ Nataly L. | Huntington Valley, PA


"We called Basement Medics, to solve a “Mold Problem” in our finished basement that was driving my wife crazy. After a thorough examination, Basement Medics found the origin – presented the solution and scheduled the project to fit our schedule. I would like to take this time to thank you and your team for your dedication and professionalism in ensuring that our basement is now dry and mold free. Thank you for completing on schedule, and beyond our satisfaction. I truly appreciated all the efforts made by you and your crew: to keep the mess to a minimum and they cleaned up as if they were never there. Everyone was professional, honest and courteous. And my wife and I were very pleased. You all are very committed to a job well done. I am more than very satisfied with the whole experience. Thanks again - Excellent Job!"
~ Mike C. | Langhorne, PA

"I have very small basement, nothing to brag about. Occasionally the basement leaked with heavy rains, as many do. But the moldy smell was making me sick. So I called basement Medics for a free estimate. Upon their findings, my basement was contaminated with mold. What basement doesn’t smell musty. Not knowing the smell was a mycotoxin... a gas produced from mold growth. I needed to take action immediately. With the help from Basement Medics and their affordable scope of work my basement is now mold free and dry as the desert. Nobody compares to this guys."
~ Joe H. | Bensalem, PA


"I am extremely happy with the entire experience I had with Basement Medics. As a business owner, I read people very well. Finding a waterproofing contractor who is affordable and reliable is very rare. Basement Medics offered me a free inspection on a “Sunday” to fit my schedule… they indentified the problem – explained the solution in a professional manner. I was very confident they were my go to company. Without hesitation, I schedule the project immediately. The workers were very efficient, knowledgeable, and at the end of the day, they left the basement cleaner than before they started. I have peace of mind for the first time since I built the house 30 years ago. Thanks Basement Medics. I will recommend Basement Medics to all my employees, family and friends. "Best of good fortune to you and your company."
~ Alan S. | Media, PA


"I wanted to tell you how thoroughly pleased I am with the basement drainage system you installed – and how thankful we are for the free mold coating you applied on the walls. I am not exaggerating when I say… we have never had such an extensive “home” project completed before schedule and without complications. Your team was completely professional, competent, courteous, and attentive to all of my concerns and requests. We are very impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship that were used on our project. “ I will recommend you for many years to come… thanks so much."
~ Charles P. | Morrisville, PA


"I would like to express my appreciation for the work done in my basement by your company. Bob is very knowledgeable. Their insight and experience was very helpful with my decision making. And they confidently answered all my questions and concerns. My main reason for hiring Basement Medics – Bob, the co-owner is on every project. To me, that is Priceless. Great Job Guys!"
~ Brain S. | Glen Olden, PA


"For over 40 years I have had water in my basement after heavy rains. After trying a myriad of remedies, I heard about Basement Medics through my basement finishing contractor. Without delay I called Basement Medics – they came out the next day. Bob immediately assessed the problem, showed me a few videos as to how they can fix the problem. I found their ideas to be excellent, their work was done professionally, neatly, and in a timely manner, with no disruption to my activities. What a relief to never have to worry about a wet basement again. Best of all they “Warrant” their system for 20 years. I highly recommend Basement Medics. Nice Job Gentlemen!
~ Anne N. | Center Valley, PA

"Basement Medics transformed our damp, wet, moldy basement into a healthy basement in 2 days. Most homeowner’s are truly uneducated as to what it entails to assure a dry and healthy basement environment. We assume most waterproofing companies will perform the same procedures for the same price. I can attest to you this in not true. Our home was waterproofed 15 years ago, so we thought. After a thorough examination from Basement Medics –they found the previous company who installed a French Drain System, maliciously compromised our foundation, which lead to “a myriad problems” that destroyed our finished basement. Of all the companies we interviewed, Basement Medics was the only contractor that could design a system to correct the past mistakes, as well as provided a proactive solution for the future. We are so happy we contracted Basement Medics. Amazing Job Guys!"
~ Mike & Robin | Kintnerville, PA


"Just wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic work you did waterproofing my basement. You said it would be done in two days, and it was! Your crew worked very diligently. And were very courteous and respectful! Even though we haven't had any rain yet, I had a chance to see how the system worked when the washing machine hose came loose. It worked! Just like you said it would!!! The Basement Pro Armor makes the basement fell warmer and no longer has that damp basement feel. It also looks a lot bigger, brighter, and way cleaner!!! Thanks again!"
~ Holly R. | Hellertown, PA


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